Phase 3 Underway

Passing through the 12th week, we have now begun Phase 3. In this phase we are shifting the focus to implementing our solution.

Thanks to the help of Pam, Janet Banks, and Richard Spencer we were granted access to the Creative Thought Gallery at Warren Central High School to orchestrate a workshop with students.  

IMG_0389We started off the workshop with an icebreaker to get everyone acquainted and comfortable.


Then for the exercise, the room allowed for us to break up the group into pods of 3 to receive a more personal insight. We explained the goals of our solution and the main touch points in the student’s journey. We then had the students help us revise our journey map. We gave the students index cards with possible examples of what could happen at each touch point and encouraged them to add ones that they thought of.  

IMG_6441The students took off with the exercise and created some additions that we had not thought of.

IMG_6494.JPGWe then asked the students firsthand what incentives could we add to our solution to keep them interested in continuing. This also provided us some great insights we had not thought of.  


Then we ended the workshop with……



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