Oh, Snap!

IMG_2721 copy

This week Herron Creative finally got to get some input from some high schoolers. Jake and Alexis went to Southport High School and grabbed roughly 30 students to participate in a graffiti wall. The base question for the graffiti wall was “What sites do you guys see yourselves visiting frequently and why?” After seeing what students wrote, the general consensus was that high school students wanted three things from the digital world.

1. Fast information
2. Something entertaining
3. Social media

After gaining this valuable knowledge, our design group is still discussing the fine details on how to start forming our solution. The hope is to get high schoolers involved in helping us form the solution since, in the end, is for them.

As a side note we have also created a Snapchat account for Herron Creative. We created flyers as a tool to reach out and get followers. We have reached 46 followers in less than a week from that awesome Mr. Bean flyer. Maybe this can end up being an outlet to get high schoolers involved in helping us form our solutions.

Snapchat Flyer-Pink

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