“This white board is heavy.”


So phase II has left most of us feeling somewhat stuck. After thinking about our context more in depth, we realized that what we are focusing on might need to be a little more narrowed in. We did some word-smithing to our problem statement and ended up with something that has to do with the kids engagement to our solution. So with this decided we knew we needed to start talking to student and have them generate ideas. Our next method was a mobile organized mini session in which we were targeting students negative learning experiences and how they would create a more positive learning experience in regards to their bad ones. As they were narrating their experiences, we had a white board with us to visualize what they were saying.

After we had gathered all of the information we made it back to the studio for sense-making. We created a venn diagram and recorded all of the positives and negatives between all of the groups responses and connections between there opinions. There were multiple areas of overlap but something that all groups had in common was that they enjoy receiving information digitally. So after all this was finished we now have a better understanding of what doesn’t work with learning experiences and how we can use that to our benefit.



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