Graffiti Wall Preparation


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In preparation for our second design research method we spent the week trial running our graffiti method and creating a worksheet tool. Our goal is to gather the same type of information that we gathered with our peer survey but with a younger audience. On Friday, October 2nd we are conducting a graffiti wall research method with a first and fifth grade class. We will set up 2 drawing stations and 2 Lego stations. At both stations we will be asking small groups of students to create any object they would like. The kids will then draw or build us their object and we will document the experiment via a worksheet, photos, videos, and recordings.

In our trial run, we tested the research method on a 5th grade student. Immediately there were some misunderstandings with the wording of our questions. We worded our overall question as “If you could create anything what would it be? Draw it out.” This question seemed too broad for the 5th grade student because he stared with a blank stare not knowing where to begin. In an effort to clarify we updated our overarching question to “Create any object you would like”. This proved to be much more understanding to the 5th grader as he immediately picked up a marker and drew a donut.

From this experience we were able to identify issues and revise our worksheet. Not only were there minor issues with the clarity of some of our questions, but new opportunities arose. For example, when asking “have you ever sold anything?” we were expecting answers along the lines of a lemonade stand or a fundraiser. Surprisingly, this kid has sold stuff on Ebay and asked if trading counted as an answer.

Overall, the group is super excited to see what other surprising answers arise from the classroom. In the next week we plan to compare the similarities and differences between the elementary and peer group data to find patterns and differences.


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