Laying Foundation

For our first research method we created a survey that aimed to gauge young individuals’ interests in entrepreneurship. We did this by asking a series of overarching questions about various personality characteristics and how someone might go through the process of starting a business. When constructing the survey we had initially started making it on It was a basic format that technically worked but it seemed like it needed to be more visually appealing for people to want to interact with it. With that in mind, we started working the survey into which allowed more opportunities for aesthetics as well as usability. In return we believe that we will see higher completion rates than we would have if we’d used surveymonkey.

With the survey being open for 2 days we have already received 59 responses. Two of the biggest influences on why young people said they might or might not start a business were time and money.

“Commitment, money, time, I wouldn’t know where to start, I need financial security, I don’t know anything about business.”

 21 year old female college student

We are still discussing what we could do differently if we redistributed the survey. Some responses indicated that our questions may have been somewhat vague. Taking that into consideration, perhaps we should’ve requested more demographic information as well as having a larger variety of broad and specific questions. Still, since we are still in the exploratory phase, we thought that broad questions would better identify specific areas of opportunity for research.

Next Steps

  • Analyze data from survey
  • Graffiti wall
  • Photo ethnography
  • Focus groups
  • Expert interviews

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