Identifying Stakeholders

We used the “Actors Map” tool from to help us visualize the various stakeholders involved in helping young people become entrepreneurs. The map was a helpful tool in that we weren’t concerned about creating something neat and tidy to start. Not worrying about creating a precise lineup helped us to be more fluid in our discussion and to visually see what connections were amongst various stakeholders. We jotted down what came to mind and later crossed out unfitting stakeholders.


“Young Entrepreneur” became the center from which every stakeholder grew.

Internal stakeholders External stakeholders
General Contractors Government – Secretary of State/IRS
Suppliers ^ Office of Small Business & Entrepreneurship (OSBE)
Whole sale distributor Financial institutions
Designer Education institutions – University/High School (HS)
Employees Mentors
Guardians Community
Investors Guardian(s)
Legal counsel
Accountant – tax services

This table will continue to grow as we complete our various research methods.

Methods We Have in Mind

  • Survey
  • Mall interview – need to provide incentive to participants
  • Wall Graffiti – elementary school aged kids
    • What simulates their creativity?
  • Expert interview(s)
    • Business professors
    • HS business teachers
    • Government officials
      • OSBE
    • Young entrepreneurs

Our first method is going to be an online survey distributed via social media to “young” people to gauge what interest is among them to become entrepreneurs and of those who are interested, what road blocks hinder them. Vice versa, of those who are not interested in pursuing entrepreneurship, why aren’t they?

Big things are ahead! Stay tuned!


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